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TORQ is a post-apocalyptic car-PG for 2-5 players, half road warrior tactics, half freeform roleplaying. In TORQ, you are a driver: a traveller with special talents who ventures from community-to-community to help in anyway they can.

Licensed to go anywhere, with the grit to handle anything. There's gas in the tank, an X on the map, and miles of blacktop ahead. Race along the open road, collect the pieces of a changed world, and build something new together. Let's hit the road.

TORQ is a blend of two games, interconnected:

  • Road, a quick tactical game where players drive through a hostile world using a playmat: a modular grid representing the many highways, mountain passes, wide-open canyons, and city streets of TORQ. Powered by a unique tactical system, drivers dodge obstacles, investigate oddities, and thrash those who stand against them.
  • Reststop, a character-focused roleplaying game where drivers visit communities, bringing their special talents to those who need it. The reststop is a low-stakes, chill hangout portion of the game where players inhabit different characters in each community, playing scenes and building the world together.

Drivers go fast, stay alive, and rule the road. In TORQ, drivers are people with special abilities and skillsets that are in-demand in every community: doctors, librarians, couries, botanists, and more. TORQ has two types of character creation: a randomized arcade mode called HARD CHARGING, and a selection of iconic characters for low-and-slow campaign-play, called the SCENIC ROUTE. As a driver, you ply your trade, whether you're a:

  • Modem, one who brings social media to communities
  • Aggie, the botanist in this weird world that studies the flora and its properties
  • Archive, like the frontier librarians before them, a trove
  • Wose, a zoo on wheels, studying the extranatural things of this world
  • Speakerbox, the master of ceremonies that brings the noise and music
  • and more!


TORQ’s world exists after a global change. Is that a disaster, an apocalypse, a choice? Create and play vignettes of this weirded-world, a world where people and communities strike a truce with the hostile environment, surviving and thriving in a post-anthropocene world. TORQ’s world is more humanistic than its post-apocalyptic predecessors: this is not a game for prepper-power fantasy, gun nut brinksmanship, or a rehash of feudalism. TORQ’s world is one of many communities living independently and together, tied together by the driver’s who make it from point A to point B, mutual aid, and the weird world.

In your game of TORQ, create that world and those places, inhabit the people finding connection and joy in a different world.

TORQ is a 100-page full-color book with photography, illustrations, and all the rules needed to play, with a playmat add-on. Grab your copy today at goodluckpress.co.

It's a great mix of narrative and cars with an unbelievably clever and engaging layout. Learning TORQ feels both easy and hard. Hard since it's different from everything out there, and because sometimes it just devotes a whole double page spread to vibes. And easy because the rules are finely engineered and fit together naturally.

-@sprintingowl, aka kumada1

Writing, Design, and Layout by Will Jobst

Illustration by Gabriel Reis

Photography by Ben Garbow

Editing by Seb Pines

TORQ is done, but there's a lot of road left. Here's what to look forward to for the future of TORQ. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear:

  • Plaintext version of TORQ
  • Online playkit release 
  • CAARD version of TORQ
  • TORQ Jam
  • Free, digital release of introductory adventure HALF-HARDCORE 
  • Digital release of CAVALCADE, a series of extra classes and reststops, as made available through the generosity of TORQ F1 backers 
  • and more! 

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Authorswill jobst, Good Luck Press
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsDriving, Post-apocalyptic, Story Rich, Tactical, Tactical RPG


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